Proteus VFX School offers different online courses, in this page we have some available “Workshops” and “Courses”. “Workshops” are useful to those who prefer to follow our courses at home/office with no need to be tied to fixed lesson timing, lessons are released step by step as soon as stuff are ready, students can follow it on Vimeo On Demand.

This kind of workshop, offer high-level videos/workshops with a lower cost, videos can be viewed during entire duration of the course using Vimeo On Demand platform. On demand videos are for beginners and/or professional artists trying to extend their skills. Instructor explains and creates sample scenes/shots, simulating real work sessions, explaining theoretical and technical tricks and/or anything else that might be helpful to become productive and be an high skilled artist. Upon course release on the market, a number of initial lessons will be online, during following weeks and months, student can access to more lessons up to the final test and certificate delivery based on the chosen learning path.

“Courses” are a more complete way to learn a software. Lesson releases are weekly based, students have assignment, excercises, can interact with instructors using the course forum of Slack channel, courses duration is longer that workshops and generally we prepare it to cover entire CG/VFX topics and/or software.

Student will be never left alone, you can get in touch with teachers asking questions, technical support, evaluating exercises, or for any kind of information needed.

If you need more informations please contact us :

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