Vagon.Io, a company that provides remotely controllable workstations, has just added to our sponsors’ ranks!

This alliance arises from the need to be able to provide the best possible experience to our students: very often our courses deal with very heavy simulations where a very performing but also very expensive machine is needed. A cost that a student who is starting may not be able to pay.

The school offers all its students the possibility of having a “Challenger” type remote station (16 core CPU, 122 GB of Ram and 8 GB Nvidia GPU) or “Apollo” (32 Core CPU, 244 Gb of Ram and 2 Nvidia GPUs of 8 GB each) included in the cost of the course.

The student will find on his desk all the software that will be used for the lessons and a free number of hours of use; in case of further use of the station, you will be entitled to a special discount reserved only for our students.

You can visit the site of Vagon.Io at the following link!

For each course new information and costs will arrive soon.

Vagon.I joins the list of our sponsors who offer the student a complete experience, suitable for solving any exercise and preparing a reel suitable for large companies.