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“The lab” is a place of experimentation and study, a library of videos and lessons to help you on projects and your study plan, a different way to add skills to your training without having to follow entire courses or workshops, each artist can pick single videos or subscribe for a month or 1 year to the entire library.

Releases are weekly, two videos by week published, usually, on Wednesday and Friday, lenght varying from a few minutes to a maximum of one hour, to show a feature or a way to solve a particular problem or manage a specific task.

Topics will be divided by day and type, below you can find out the initial release plan and gradually this page will be populated with the videos released. Tutorials will be available to users who register by paying a monthly fee of € 10.50 or € 99.00 per year, (users will be able to pick single videos too paying € 2.66). Free content will also be released periodically.


MAXFluid Paint Simulation

A new lesson about Max Fluid, this time we'll see how to create a different kind of liquid changing some liquid parameters.



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