We are happy to announce the beginning of a long collaboration with SuperRendersFarm!

SuperRendersFarm is a renderfarm that has over 3000 Xeon based servers available with 16 or 32 cores with memory ranging from 32 to 96 GB, depending on the need.

All our students will be entitled to a 70% discount on the renderfarm prices for each render made for our courses and for the creation of their own course reel.

All the software currently used in our courses are supported: 3DS Max, Clarisse, Houdini, Blender, Redshift, V-Ray, Fusion; if you need to install a specific plug-in, you can install it.

You can visit the SuperRendersFarm website at this link!

We hope with this partnership to give a valid boost to our students in the creation of their own reel and their works, greatly reducing the time to render!