With this 3ds Max Course, (useful for Redshift users with Maya, Cinema4D, etc. etc.), we’d like to give you a complete courseware with all informations, tricks and techniques to be used working with lighting, shading, rendering and look development to obtain photorealistic images and animations following a production proven workflow.We’ll work with basic scene and complex shots so both beginners and more advanced users can follow lessons and deeply understand how to add more skills using this amazing rendering engine.

This couse will start from the ground, what is GPU rendering and understanding UI and basic features of Redshift, then we’ll move on to an in-depth understanding of basic aspects and functionalities that can then be useful in dealing with each task, then we enter the details of the various functionalities by using them directly on increasingly complete and complex scenes. Obviously, there are notions of lighting, advanced shading, texturing, look development and compositing techniques. The lessons are updated to the latest version of Redshift available so that you can show all the latest news in terms of functionality and photorealism.

The lessons are pre-recorded, once you have purchased the product, you have access to the ready-made lessons and you are entitled to download all those that will be released, complete with 3D scenes.

For any information you can contact us to: or you can use the form at the bottom of this page.


Duration :  30 hours

Next session : June 2020

“Online Classroom” version price: USD 449,00 + VAT (30% discount for students)

“Workshop” version price : USD 249,00 + VAT (30% discount for students)

Mode “Online Classroom” : pre-registration lessons delivered 3 times a week, questions and answers sessions recorded and live on Slack platform, live and e-mail support, exercises

Mode “Workshop” : pre-recorded lessons, only e-mail support

N.B. attendance will however be planned and / or varied according to the needs of the participants in the session


In the event that you have difficulty managing your schedules and it is complex or impossible to follow the lessons, we can organize the course in 1-to-1 mode. Same program, same techniques, but times and days planned according to your needs, instructor who follows only you and in case you are interested you can also modify the course program according to your requests. If you want to follow the course in 1-to-1 mode, the price increases by 70%, bringing the final cost to 849.00 + VAT.

This option is also provided for groups, and in the case of companies we can also organize the course at your location, to find out costs and / or surcharges contact us by email.


The study plan is divided between theoretical and practical lessons that go through simple exercises to understand the functioning of some features of the Maxon rendering engine and more complex lessons for the realization of complete scenes. The course starts from version 2 of the engine up to the latest release and shows how to manage lighting, shading and rendering potential to obtain realistic results by better managing the delivery times. There is no shortage of lessons that show how to interact with other tools such as Terragen, PhoenixFD, FumeFX, Megascans and others.



  • Introduction to the use of Redshift / User interface
  • GPU Rendering VS CPU Rendering
  • Sampling and Anti-aliasing: theory and optimization
  • Understand the linear workflow / LUT and other standards such as OpenColorIO and ACEScg
  • Lighting techniques, light sources at HDRI lighting, IES
  • Redshift shading system
  • Integration and communication with Terragen, Megascans, etc. etc.
  • Car rendering, backplates, shadow catching, car paint shading, dual layer shading, etc. etc.
  • Render passes, look dev in Fusion
  • Shading techniques, custom shaderball, plastic, procedural details, metals, glasses, aging effects, painted metals
  • Studio lighting setup
  • Complex procedural natural shaders: snow, water, mud, terrain, rusty metals
  • Volume rendering, cloud rendering, fire / smoke OpenVDB management
  • Natural environments, plants and grass rendering
  • Sub-surface scattering, skin shading
  • Depth of field, Motion blur, displacement
  • Water / Foam management
  • Architectural rendering / round corners
  • Animation management
  • Hair / Fur rendering
  • Analysis of the main nodes / textures available
  • Massive instancing / Proxies
  • Toon shading
  • Command line rendering
  • Camera lenses, VR and stereo rendering



If you need support or informations, or for anything else, contact us!

Scarica il programma didattico del corso

Scarica il programma didattico del corso

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