A complete FumeFX for 3ds max courseware, (useful for Maya users too), mixed theory and practice session useful to understand all features and every plug-in parameter. This course will start teaching basic fluid dynamic informations, user interface and beginner’s workflow, next step will be working on more complex scenes step by step until students will see how to work on amazing production ready shots to create belieavable fire, smoke, explosions and natural phenomena following production proven workflow, discovering professional tips and tricks.

Lessons are pre-recorded, as soon as you buy this product, you’ll be able to download all ready lessons with scenes, and you have direct support from instructor for 6 months.

Here you can find informations about topics covered, every single lesson ready, and soon you’ll be able to download some lessons for free. If you need more informations please contact us : info@proteusvfxschool.com


Release date : Available
Topics : fluid dynamic, particles F/X, scripting
Price : 149,00 Euro / 169,00 USD
Course type: Pre-recorded
Video platform : Vimeo On Demand
Certificate : Released at the end
Support : support by mail, chat with instructor, projects review [wp_cart:FumeFX in Production course – ENG:price:122.00:end]


We’ll cover many topics in FumeFX in Production courseware, actually we can list some of it, (this list can vary during lesson recording due to production and/or student needs) :

  • Fluid dynamic introduction
  • FumeFX history and basic theory
  • User interface and parameters analisys
  • Caching techniques
  • N-Sims
  • Generating flames, (candle, small scale and big scale fire)
  • Post-processing, Fluid mapping and Wavelet Turbulence
  • Scripting tools
  • Effectors, Voids and Renderwarps
  • Particle Flow and Krakatoa interaction with FumeFX
  • Rendering/Compositing management
  • Natural and athmospherical phenomena, pyro effects, production ready scene creation, (some examples : clouds, tornadoes, sand storm, portals and magical effects, large scale explosion, etc. etc.)


If you are a student, we are pleased to give you a special price of 59,90 Euro / 69,00 USD to buy FumeFX in Production courseware. Please don’t use our website purchase option, you need just to send us a mail at info@proteusvfxschool.com with your personal informations and a copy of your school ID to validate your “student special price offer”, you’ll be contacted soon with all informations needed.


We’ll post here all ready lessons to see more in depth the topics covered, soon we’ll post some lessons you’ll be able to download for free :

Duration : 01:08:51

  • FumeFX History
  • Fluid dynamic introduction
  • What is a Voxel ?
  • Our 1st simulation
  • Basic caching techniques
  • General parameters
  • Realtime preview

Duration : 01:07:29

  • Simulation parameters (Quality, Iterations, CFL, Density solver, Advention, Interpolation, Time scale, Grid motion)
  • Max Script scale management
  • N-Sims introduction
  • Dynamic parameters (Gravity, Vorticity, Damping, Turbulence)

Duration : 01:08:15

  • Fuel parameters (Effectors,Fuel, Ignition temperature, Burn rate, Variation, Heat production, Expansion, Smoke)
  • Smoke┬áparameters (Buoyancy, Dissipation, Diffusion)
  • Temperature┬áparameters (Buoyancy, Dissipation, Diffusion)
  • 1st complete scene : Creating a basic realistic fire simulation
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Duration : 00:54:05

  • Source management, Fuel mapping
  • How to manage a small scale fire simulation
  • Gradient color management
  • Shaping the flame using a Space Warp
  • How to manage more FumeFX volume copies
  • Animated flame lighting setup
  • Render passes / Simple compositing with Fusion
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Duration : 00:50:57

  • Modeling the cloud shape using simple sources
  • Dynamic setup, FumeFX general settings
  • Look/Shading
  • Adding details with MaxScript
  • Creating different looking clouds using density value
  • Wavelet turbulence
  • Using two FumeFX grids to add more realism
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Duration : 00:45:53

  • Shaping the cloud using simple and complex meshes
  • Blobmesh object to fuse meshes
  • How to use modifiers to add details
  • How to simply create a cloud shape library
  • FumeFX different settings to create different clouds look
  • How to use Particle Flow to generate complex clouds
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Duration : 00:00:00

  • Modeling a simple terrain using modifiers
  • Basic particle setup to control shockwave animation
  • Particle source ? How to control smoke speed using particles ?
  • Object source, texture emission, textures controlling fluid properties
  • Texture emission or particle emission ?
  • FumeFX setup to generate dust shockwave, secondary dynamic
  • Look and rendering setup
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Duration : 02:00:00

  • Shaping a nebula using Particle Flow
  • Meshing particles and using modifiers to sculpt it
  • Creating 3 gas layers with FumeFX
  • Look development in 3ds max using Light sources
  • Finalizing look in Fusion
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Email : info@proteusvfxschool.com