A complete FumeFX for 3DS Max courseware with production examples (technics are useful for Maya and Cinema4D user too), mixed theory and practice session useful to understand all features and every plug-in parameter. We will see how realize complex FX or add natural phenomena through fluid dynamic simulations.

The course, after explaining how to use the tool, its interface and method to work, begins to move between exercises increasingly complex until the realization of complete scenes typical of high quality production, exploiting tricks and techniques used in years of work on films, videogames and commercials. FumeFX is used by many international studies and has shown its potential and quality of rendering and simulation more than once.

A complete journey that passes through simple situations such as simulating a candle flame and then moving on to large-scale fires, explosions, nebulae, clouds, and much more.

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Duration : 30 hours

Next classroom session : June 2020

“Online Classroom” version price : USD 449.00 + VAT (30% discount for students)

“Workshop” version price : USD 249.00 + VAT (30% discount for students)

Mode “Online Classroom” : pre-registration lessons delivered 3 times a week, questions and answers sessions recorded and live on Slack platform, live and e-mail support, exercises

Mode “Workshop” : pre-recorded lessons, only e-mail support


N.B. attendance will however be planned and / or varied according to the needs of the participants in the session


In the event that you have difficulty managing your schedules and it is complex or impossible to follow the lessons, we can organize the course in 1-to-1 mode. Same program, same techniques, but times and days planned according to your needs, instructor who follows only you and in case you are interested you can also modify the course program according to your requests. If you want to follow the course in 1-to-1 mode, the price increases by 70%, bringing the final cost to USD 759.00 + VAT.

This option is also provided for groups, and in the case of companies we can also organize the course at your location, to find out costs and / or surcharges contact us by email.


The FumeFX in Production course provides coverage of a vast number of topics both theoretical and practical. Ample space will be given to the understanding of the basic functions, to the use of complete and complex examples, to the integration in advanced pipelines to show how to move data to and from FumeFX, and much more, for the moment the following contents are provided, ( this list may be subject to changes in progress or due to user requests):



  • Introduction to the fluid dynamics of gas and liquids
  • Theory related to the FumeFX plug-in, history and applications
  • Voxel and simulation, resolution management and occupied memory
  • Voxel space / scaling management
  • Forces and secondary dynamics, collisions with objects
  • How to generate fire, how to control it, how to add smoke
  • Detailed analysis of the interface and main parameters
  • View data in viewport
  • Caching techniques, optimization and export of the necessary data
  • N-Sims, integration and interaction between multiple voxel boxes
  • Simulation shading, from the basics to the black body
  • Illumination and shadows, multiple scattering
  • Generation of flames and fire on different scales, (candles, fires and fires)
  • Post-processing for time remap, fluid mapping, sharpening and wavelet turbulence for adding detail
  • Manipulation of simulated data and simulations: Effectors, Voids and Renderwarps
  • Interaction with other tools such as: Particle Flow, TyFlow, Frost and Krakatoa
  • Export and manipulation of simulations in various formats and to other software such as Houdini, Clarisse, etc. etc.
  • Rendering management with various rendering engines such as Scanline, V-Ray and Arnold, compositing bases
  • Simulation of “magic” or “energetic” effects and ink-like fluid
  • Management of dust from collapse
  • Meshing of simulated fluids, complex management of OpenVDB data
  • Complex effects of manipulation and transformation of real objects into fluids
  • Shockwaves
  • Sandstorms, fog
  • Explosions of various kinds and scales, (data optimization to maximize quality and memory management)
  • How to create volumetric and procedural clouds
  • Large scale smoke simulation
  • Large scale fire creatures
  • Tornado and volcanic eruption simulation
  • Trails, simulation path constraint management



As the various themes and functionalities are deepened, we will face practical exercises together, others will be assigned and supervised by the instructor, so that we can start building a first version of your portfolio or enrich the existing one with the new skills acquired. The difficulties of the exercises will be aligned with the issues addressed up to that point, management, planning and review will be simulated as in production.


If you need support or informations, or for anything else, contact us!

Scarica il programma didattico del corso

Scarica il programma didattico del corso

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