The “Proteus VFX School” project was born from an idea by Alessandro Cangelosi after having gained many years of professional experience in the field of computer graphics / special effects and teaching, in Italy and abroad.

The concept behind the project is that CGI professionals and Technical Directors take care of the training of new artists following a typical production workflow with which to cultivate the student’s creativity using the most modern technologies, therefore not just teaching how to use software, but getting students into production by simulating what happens every day in the real world of special effects, learning directly how to approach problems, how to manage them and how to solve them, tricks and secrets that are the result of years of experimentation, study and hard work of each instructor.

We use in production the same workflow and the same pipeline that we use in our courses so that the boundary between study and work is minimized in order to make you more prepared and more oriented to face real productions and for the definition of the foundations of your curriculum and of your reel to show to potential future customers.

We believe that our and your passion are the basis for the right energy able to feed your skills to face the challenges of production and work.

We are artists and professionals in the sector, we know the market, we have work experience with the use of different workflows and pipelines, we have faced and solved problems, we have made possible the visions and requests of customers, so we can guide you in the learning process, in market presentation and job management.

We can name some of the productions in which we have participated in recent years, including Independence Day Resurgence, Roland Emmerich “2012”, Age Of Empire IV, Dead Rising 3, Dead Island 2, Romeo & Juliet, Ghostbusters videogame, Lord of the Rings Videogame, Wolfenstein The New Order, Rift: Telhara, Suspiria, Tolo Tolo, and much more.

Many promise similar things, we are keen to keep our promises to the end, because this is our passion, this is Proteus VFX School, all of this will be part of you.

Scarica il programma didattico del corso

Scarica il programma didattico del corso

Se sei interessato alla nostra Masterclass in Visual Effects e desideri avere maggiori dettagli o chiedere informazioni su prezzo, finanziamenti e altro, compila questo modulo, verrai ricontattato il prima possibile e intanto avrai la possibilità di scaricare il Programma Didattico in formato PDF che mostra dettagli del corso, della nostra struttura e dei servizi offerti ai nostri studenti.

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