Artists and TDs preparing tomorrow's artists and TDs

 One of the main problems of the various courses is that the student is taught a series of commands and procedures on simple tests, and all this leads to a lot of disconnected information difficult to apply in the real world, for this reason we base our teaching method on what we call “shot-based / task-based learning”. Each course explains the theory and practice by working directly on shots and scenes to be made together with the instructors, simulating a real team work environment, so you are immediately thrown into production, you face real problems, you seek and find solutions all together This is how tomorrow’s artists are trained at Proteus VFX School.




5 March 2020: Our website is back online, redesigned and ready to host all the new courses in preparation such as “Mastering Blender in Production” and “PyroFX with PhoenixFD”. We will soon publish updated information about it.

19 March 2020: 50% discount on courses during the crisis caused by the Coronavirus COVID-19! An excellent opportunity to learn while stuck at home! Contact us for more information!

23 March 2020: Come and visit us on Discord! On this innovative platform, we have created a channel where you can come and ask us for advice, curiosities, information or clarify doubts about our courses and computer graphics. It can also be an excellent source of inspiration!



We have different training courses, you can follow our Patreon The Lab page for free tutorials or in the form of a subscription, you can buy a pre-registered course with lifetime access on our Vimeo On Demand page or book a place in our virtual classes.


We can guide you, we can help you learn to be an expert artist, you will choose your professional path.


Courses and Masters held online and in-house, in class or 1-to-1, following the basic program or defining it together with the students, among the topics covered: lighting / shading, rendering, look development, particle fx, fluid dynamic, reality virtual and much more.

Pre-registered courses and workshops that deal with specific topics or that cover the complete use of a specific tool. The lessons can be used on the Vimeo On Demand platform, scenes / projects and direct support via email, Skype and Slack where applicable.

Every month new free or paid tutorials concerning different themes divided into categories, from the basic use of software such as 3ds max, Maya, Clarisse, Houdini and many plug-ins, to dynamics, fluids, look dev with the major rendering engines and much other.


Based on projects

The instructors will show you how it works to work on a real production by creating projects and complete scenes that simulate real working conditions.

Homework to do

Many of our courses are based on student assignments which are then evaluated by the instructors to analyze the learning process together.

Lifetime access

Book a place or buy one of our courses to receive unlimited lifetime access to our video lessons and where provided you will continue to receive updates with new lessons.


Online Support

If you need support, you can reach us via email/Skype/social networks or you can participate in our virtual lessons on Slack/GoToMeeting.

Affordable prices

Being able to access high quality courses must be for everyone, for this reason our cost policies are highly competitive and there are discounts for students and for those coming from countries with lower wages.


Project Files are included

You will always be able to download the project files, so you can see the original settings and scene setup.



We have a profound experience on national and international productions, some of us for over 20 years. We have been a 3DS Max and Maya beta site for a long time, we have used 3ds max in production practically always, since the first release for the MS-DOS operating system. Our pipeline and our workflow are solid and used in production for years, among the various tools you can find 3DS Max, Houdini, Clarisse, Gaea, Terragen, Blender, Katana, V-Ray, Redshift, Arnold, Fusion, PhoenixFD, FumeFX , Krakatoa, and much more. We want to offer you an unprecedented study path in Italy, a unique way to study and be ready to go into production, a unique way of training artists and technical directors.


If you need guidance or you have a question, let us help !