Learning Path is a different way of learning, a lot of artists around the world already watch video tutorials online, so using the same method we’d like to offer a new learning service based on tutorials, (single or series of), and you will find it on this page.

Some will be free for everyone, others will be part of Proteus “Learning Path”, (paid tutorials based on a membership), so every single user/artist will be able to choose how to shape his path to add more skills. We’ll have basic and advanced videos for all main CGI/FX topics but we’ll focus mainly on particle fx, fluid dynamic, lighting, shading, rendering, compositing, scripting. Obviously we’ll work to cover modeling, set assembly, texturing, matte painting too.

Main software/tools used will be : 3ds max, Maya, FumeFX, Bifrost, Krakatoa, Particle Flow, VRay, Arnold Render, Redshift3D, Corona Render, Fusion, Frost, etc. etc. As soon as we’ll be able to release some videos you will find it here. We are still working on find best price compromise to offer you but we are sure it will be less than 20,00 Euro by month, (around 20.00 USD by month), and we’ll offer discount for longer membership options.

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Email : info@proteusvfxschool.com