Proteus VFX School was founded in 2014 by Alessandro Cangelosi and Emiliano Morciano. We worked many years in CGI/VFX/Animation, we worked as teacher/mentor in different school, on site and online, in Italy and around the world.

Our main idea behind Proteus VFX School is : artists and TDs with proven professional skills will teach their techniques, tips and tricks to future artists using same production-proven workflow they use every day, trying to maximize students’ creativity using modern and effective technlogies. We don’t want to teach you every single software feature, we prefer teaching you how to solve problems and how to manage tasks in production in the same way we have to do in our daily job.

In production we use same workflow and pipeline we are going to use teaching you in our lessons, in this way space between studying and working environment will be less visible and our students will be more production and problem solving oriented. We hope our lessons will help you preparing a better curriculum and an amazing reel/portfolio.

We believe that our passion and your passion have the right energy to give you best results, adding amazing skills to be able to work on great projects.

We are artists and TDs working since a lot of years, we know how the market is moving, we had a lot of experience with different workflow and pipeline on different projects, we solved problems, we made possible our client’s requests, that’s why we can help you in your learning path, how to add skills, how to present to potential clients and how to manage your portfolio and your projects.

This is Proteus VFX School, and it will be part of you.


If you think our courses are interesting, if your passion is CGI and VFX, if you’d like to add more skills to your curriculim and you’d like to use 3D tools in a production-proven way, contact us, we’ll start to build your future together.


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Email : info@proteusvfxschool.com